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Residential Energy Pricing

Residential Pricing 

Involved with over 30 partnerships with leading energy suppliers in North America. These energy suppliers - also known as Retail Electric Providers (REP), Retail Electricity Suppliers, Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) Providers, Energy Service Companies (ESCO), among other names depending on your 
location - supply and sell energy to you in deregulated markets.

Illinois Residents in an Aggregation Program Please check out the Aggregation page to see if you are breaking any rules and will pay a penalty for shopping a new supplier!

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As an independent sales agent for Choose Energy™

When you visit my website to choose a new energy supplier you will be able to filter your results by price, popularity, term, and more.

There is no pressure or obligation to switch providers—you don’t even need to enter any personal information in order to see how much you can save.

Choose Energy™ will help you find the best fit for your needs at the right price. You’ll see all the top offers from our preferred partner providers. Compare each option with what you’re currently spending, pick the best deal, and watch your savings add up!

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